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英文:Crucial importance of correlation between cross sections and angular distributions in nuclear data of 28Si on estimation of uncertainty of neutron dose penetrating a thick concrete 
和文: 山野直樹, 稲倉 恒法, 石塚知香子, 千葉敏.  
英文: Naoki Yamano, Tsunenori Inakura, Chikako Ishizuka, Satoshi Chiba.  
言語 English 
英文:Journal of Nuclear Science and Technology 
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出版年月 2021年11月12日 
英文:Taylor and Francis 
公式リンク https://doi.org/10.1080/00223131.2021.1997665
DOI https://doi.org/10.1080/00223131.2021.1997665
アブストラクト Uncertainty in neutron dose after penetrating a 3-m-thick concrete was estimated based on three different kinds of Total Monte Carlo methods under random sampling methodology. A thousand random nuclear data files were generated for 28Si by T6 by perturbing underlying model parameters. In the first method, these files were used directly to yield processed library preserving all the correlations among different physical quantities. In the second method, a covariance file in the ENDF-6 format was generated and 1000 random files were produced based on the covariance file. In the third method, the random files populated by T6 were used but the angular distribution data were kept fixed to non-perturbed nominal ones. It was found that the second and third methods gave equivalent variance of the neutron dose after deep penetration of a concrete, and this uncertainty was larger than the uncertainty given by the first method. It shows that the correlation between total cross section and angular distribution of elastic scattering affects uncertainty of the calculated neutron dose. It could be concluded that the uncertainty obtained by using the covariance files given in the ENDF-6 format may not give correct results for the uncertainty of deep penetration calculation.

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