The number of open full-text files has exceeded 2000!

21 Apr. 2014

  The number of open full-text files has exceeded 2000!

    On Mar. 19th 2014, the number of full-text files accessible to the public by the T2R2 system has exceeded 2000. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the researchers for your cooperation. T2R2 system will continue to disseminate the research progress of Tokyo Tech and its researchers. We appreciate your continuing support for T2R2 system, and ask you for further cooperation in data input and file registration.

  Here is the memorable 2000th article!   
Title: Synthesis of 2-Channel IIR Paraunitary Filter Banks by Successive Extraction of 2-Port Lattice Sections
Author: Nagato UEDA, Eiji WATANABE, Akinori NISHIHARA
Journal: IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences
Volume, Page: Vol. E94-A  No. 2 pp. 653-660
  We would like to introduce Dr. Akinori NISHIHARA, Professor at Department of Human System Science, who has registered the 2000th open full-text file.
  • Please tell us the overview of the 2000th full-text file which has been made open to the public.
    From any given power symmetric transfer function, 2-channel IIR filter banks without aliasing and amplitude distortions are systematically obtained by successively extracting allpass-based 2-port networks. The proposed method enables us to construct wide classes of filter banks including even-order IIR and hybrid IIR-FIR cases.

  • Who do you want your T2R2 open full-text file to read?
    people who are interested in internal structures (processing algorithms) of digital signal processing

  • Please tell us about your future plan of research activities.
    Not only applications, but theoretical research like this paper will be conducted.

  Thank you very much, Dr. Nishihara for taking time in your busy schedule to give us your comments.

  If you register your full-text files in T2R2 system, there are merits such as...   
  • The registered files will be permanently stored and managed by the university.

  • The registered files can be managed in the unified data storage.

  If your full-text files are open to the public by T2R2 system, there are merits such as...
    The articles which are registered in T2R2 can be found by search engines such as Google and Google Scholar, so the articles can be accessed by researchers all over the world, and thus the research will be widely recognized. When the full-text files are open to the public, the number of citation index may increase by gaining new readers.

  In order to publish your full-text files in T2R2 system...
  • Access T2R2 system registration site from Tokyo Tech Portal and click “Register” in Tool Box located on the left side of the screen, then click “New data entry form” to proceed to the data registration screen.
    • Click “File upload”to register your full-text file, and choose “Wish to disclose”.   
    • Please choose “Status of copyright” for the publication registered in “File”.
  • After the copyright of the publisher is checked by the office, the full-text files registered as “Wish to disclose” will be open to the public accordingly. To check the progress of the publication, please refer to the message under “File” on the data registration screen of the T2R2 system.
    • T2R2 system registration tip
        ・You may use “New data entry wizard” in the Tool Box.
        ・You may designate an agent to register your article for you.

  When you register your full-text files in T2R2 system...   
  • Make sure to check with your coauthors before you register if you wish to choose to open publications to outside Tokyo Tech.
  • You may need to replace your files, or you may not be able to publish your files depending on the regulations of each publisher.