What is T2R2?


Aiming at the systematic storage and application for the knowledge sources produced by the education and research activities at Tokyo Tech, T2R2 is developed as a system that provides a unified data storage, management and dissemination system for such academic data as papers and books published by researchers of TokyoTech. The T2R2 system is the one of the "pillars" of Tokyo Tech STAR

T2R2 Architecture


T2R2 system provides the functions aiming at registration, storage and dissemination of the meta-data (bibliography information) and PDF files of the academic publications written by all the researchers at TokyoTech.

Using the T2R2 search site, papers and books registered on the T2R2 system can be widely searched and read by users from both inside and outside campus. Besides, academic achievement data from the Researcher Information System can be also used in the T2R2 system.

Although the T2R2 system requires users to register data by themselves, it provide input support functions which can reduce the labor costs of data registration. In order to allow users to use the system as a data management system, the T2R2 system also provide various output types for multi-purpose applications.

  • Academic achievement data registered in the Research Information System have already been transfered to the T2R2 system.