Changes of schedule regarding maintenance for the T2R2 system


 Reflecting the rapid growth in the use of the T2R2 due to its useful functions and an increasing volume of content, it has of late become important to provide continuous and stable services to users both inside and outside our campus. Aiming to help a user identify when the next maintenance date is, from this September, we use a new policy to determine the date and time for the maintenance on a month by month basis, as follows.
 We still prepare for any problem associated with T2R2, irrespective of the monthly regular maintenance, to avoid a reduced quality of our services.

New policy to determine schedules of maintenance for T2R2.
・The third Tuesday for every month 10:45 - 12:15 (or the next business day, if not the 3rd Tuesday is available)
・Details for an individual maintenance is announced when available.