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Hiroshi Matsuzaki Researcher Information

Family Name 松﨑  Matsuzaki 
First Name 裕  Hiroshi 
Status Resigned or Graduated
Specialized Field Structural engineering/Earthquake engineering/Maintenance management engineering (Earthquake Engineering, Structural Engineering, Concrete Engineering)
Research Theme Reinforced Concrete Structures, Reliability-based Seismic Design, Reliability-based Durability Design 
Degree 飛来塩分および地震動の作用を受けるコンクリート橋梁の信頼性設計法の構築,  Thesis,  Doctor (Engineering),  Tohoku University,  2010/07/14, 
部分係数を用いた橋脚・杭基礎系の耐震信頼性設計法,  Master (Engineering),  Tohoku University,  2006/03/24, 

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