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English:Exoskeleton for the Mind (Elemi): Augmenting Metacognition with AI 
Japanese: シーボーン ケイティー, 浦上Jacqueline, 大浦 弘樹.  
English: Katie Seaborn, Jacqueline Urakami, Hiro Oura.  
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English:Our objectives are to create and evaluate Elemi, an “exoskeleton for the mind.” Elemi will be an AI-based intelligent support system designed to augment metacognition in everyday situations. Professor Seaborn (engineering) will lead technology and prototyping. Professor Urakami (psychology) will lead cognitive task design and metacognitive skills measures. Professor Oura (education) will lead emotion and learning measures. A postdoc in machine learning will help iteratively develop Elemi’s AI “brain.” Success will be based on personal growth in metacognitive skills in the face of emotion, cognitive bias, and uncertainty. 
Start-End Year 2020-2022 
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