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Japanese:950MHz 帯コグニティブMIMOメッシュ中継ノード 
English:Cognitive MIMO Mesh Relay Node at 950MHz Band 
Japanese: 水谷圭一, タンザカン, 荒木純道, 大石憲児, 鎌田健一, 島田修作, 小野文枝, 阪口啓.  
English: Keiichi Mizutani, Gia Khanh Tran, Kiyomichi Araki, Kenji Oishi, Kamada Kenichi, Shusaku Shimada, Fumie Ono, Kei Sakaguchi.  
Language Japanese 
Journal/Book name
English:IEICE Technical Report 
Volume, Number, Page SR2008-31, vol. 108    no. 172    pp. 87-94
Published date July 2008 
Conference name
English:IEICE Technical Committee on Software Radio 
Conference site
Japanese:東京, 小金井, 独立行政法人情報通信研究機構 
English:NICT, Koganei, Tokyo 
Official URL http://www.ieice.org/ken/paper/20080731ga4m/
Abstract A MIMO mesh network can be easily configured for high data rate and reliability and can be applied in ad hoc networks, sensor networks. Because of these, MIMO mesh networks have recently attracted attention. A MIMO mesh network supports communication reliability and high spectral efficiency by not only solving the problem of co-channel interference which occurs in conventional systems but also by employing spatial multiplexing. In this paper, the authors discuss in detail a developed software defined radio hardware — a prototype model of a MIMO mesh node. The purpose of the implementation is to show the practicability of MIMO mesh network which has been the subject of our theoretical research. The hardware operates at the 950MHz band which is suitable for current sensor networks.

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