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English:Performance Comparison between Feedback and Feedback-less Method to Obtain CSI in Multi-user MIMO Precoding 
Japanese: 水谷圭一, 阪口啓, 荒木純道.  
English: Keiichi Mizutani, Kei Sakaguchi, Kiyomichi Araki.  
Language Japanese 
Journal/Book name
English:IEICE Technical Report 
Volume, Number, Page vol. 107    no. 518, RCS2007-242    pp. 335-340
Published date Mar. 2008 
Conference name
Japanese:電子情報通信学会 無線通信システム研究会 
English:IEICE Technical Committee on Radio Communication System 
Conference site
Japanese:神奈川, 横須賀, 横須賀リサーチパーク 
English:YRP, Yokosuka, Kanagawa 
Abstract In this report, a performance comparison between feedback method and feedback-less method to obtain channel state information (CSI) is carried out in multi-user MIMO precoding system. In many MIMO precoding techniques, it is necessary to obtain the CSI in transmitter ahead of time. Two CSI obtaining techniques have been proposed. In feedback method, the estimated CSI at the receiver is fed back to the transmitter. On the other hand, feedback-less method has been proposed. In order to use the feedback-less method, channel reciprocity is required. However, the transmitter and receiver RF circuits must be calibrated to achieve channel reciprocity. In the feedback method, throughput performance deterioration is caused by the inaccuracy of the fed back CSI. It is expected that this deterioration of the throuhput performance is more severe in the case of multi-user MIMO than the case of single-user MIMO. This report shows the effectiveness of the feedback-less method to obtain the CSI in multi-user MIMO precoding system.

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