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Japanese:2-D MIMOネットワークコーディング及び協力ヌルビームフォーミング 
English:2-D MIMO Network Coding and Cooperative Null Beamforming 
Japanese: タンザカン, 阪口 啓, 小野文枝, 荒木 純道.  
English: G. K. Tran, K. Sakaguchi, F. Ono, K. Araki.  
Language English 
Journal/Book name
English:IEICE Technical Report 
Volume, Number, Page SR2008-53, vol. 108    no. 250    pp. 105-112
Published date Oct. 2008 
Conference name
Conference site
Official URL http://www.ieice.org/ken/paper/20081023aag1/
Abstract Infrastructure wireless mesh network (WMN) has been attracted much of attention due to a wide range of its application: public wireless access, sensor network, etc. A combination of MIMO and network coding for one dimensional (1-D) topology for higher network capacity has been proposed in recent literature. In this paper, the authors extend MIMO network coding to two dimensional (2-D) topology. Two algorithms are proposed for two practical 2-D mesh topologies. Owing to the efficient sharing of frequency of network coding and co-channel interference cancellation ability of MIMO, both two proposed algorithms provide a significant gain to end-to-end network capacity. Furthermore, when long distanced co-channel interference is taken into account, the authors propose a cooperative null beamforming algorithm which can reduce the interference, thus increase overall network capacity performance. Simulation results show the good performance of the proposed methods.

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