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Japanese:[技術展示] 分散型電力制御ネットワークの試作 
English:Hardware Demonstration on Distributed Electric Power Control Network 
Japanese: グェンヴァンキー, 前原大樹, ナムシーンプラートウィラム, タンザカン, 阪口啓, 荒木純道.  
English: Van Ky Nguyen, Daiki Maehara, Namzilp Lertwiram, Gia Khanh Tran, Kei Sakaguchi, Kiyomichi Araki.  
Language Japanese 
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English:Technical Report 
Volume, Number, Page vol. 112    no. 55    pp. 53-58
Published date May 2012 
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Abstract For guaranteeing future energy supply, researches on reforming conventional power systems have been done widely. As the next-generation power system utilizes the advance of ICT technologies toward a huge evolution, Smart grid has been becoming an attractive research topic recently. By real-time control of peak power consumption and effective power allocation, which can be supported by ICT functions of Smart grid, the power system is expected to become reliable and be able to avoid black-out in large area. In this paper, we report a developed demonstration of small-scale power control system functionally suppressing the power consumption with high reliability. Furthermore, toward the application to large-scale power control systems, a distributed control algorithm between small-scale systems is proposed and its effectiveness is shown through simulation results.

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