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English:Consecutive Impact Loading and Preloading Effect on Stiffness of Woven Synthetic-Fiber Rope 
Japanese: SRY Vannei, 水谷 義弘, 遠藤 玄, 鈴木 良郎, 轟 章.  
English: Sry Vannei, Yoshihiro Mizutani, Gen Endo, Yoshiro Suzuki, Akira Todoroki.  
Language English 
Journal/Book name
Japanese:Journal of Textile Science and Technology 
English:Journal of Textile Science and Technology 
Volume, Number, Page Vol. 3    No. 1    pp. 1-16
Published date Feb. 28, 2017 
Conference name
Conference site
DOI https://doi.org/10.4236/jtst.2017.31001
Abstract We studied consecutive impact loading on woven high-modulus polyethylene〓rope, which is used in robotics fields. An impact tester was developed to conduct〓the experiments. Five consecutive impact loads (five drops) were applied〓to the rope and the stiffness of the loading part that corresponds to each drop〓was evaluated. The stiffness of the woven ropes was affected strongly by consecutive〓impact loading. The change in stiffness is undesirable in some applications〓such as in robotic fields. Therefore, we have proposed a method that〓can optimize changes in stiffness by applying a preload before impact testing〓(preload treatment). The experimental results show that preload is an efficient〓way to reduce changing rope stiffness. We have also proposed an empirical〓equation that can estimate the rope stiffness after arbitrary preload treatment,〓and this equation is a function of the number of drops and the static preload〓level. The equation can be used to determine the preload treatment conditions〓to stabilize the stiffness of the woven ropes before they are used in engineering〓fields

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