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English:Alzheimer's Disease Prediction Using Audio Gated Convolutional Neural Network 
Japanese: Warnita Tifani, 井上 中順, 篠田 浩一.  
English: Tifani Warnita, Nakamasa Inoue, Koichi Shinoda.  
Language English 
Journal/Book name
Japanese:2018年 秋季研究発表会 講演論文集 
English:ASJ 2018 Autumn Meeting 
Volume, Number, Page         pp. 1223-1224
Published date Aug. 29, 2018 
Japanese:一般社団法人 日本音響学会 
English:Acoustical Society of Japan 
Conference name
Japanese:日本音響学会 2018年 秋季研究発表会 
English:2018 Autumn Meeting of the Acoustical Society of Japan 
Conference site
Official URL http://www.asj.gr.jp/annualmeeting/index.html
Abstract As the result of aging society, we face an increasing number of people being affected by Alzheimer's disease (AD). Early prediction of AD has a major importance to not only to prevent the disease become worse but also further to make the patients to be fully recovered. We propose a language-independent approach of detecting AD patients by leveraging paralinguistic features from the audio data. We achieved the best result of 71.35% by aggregating the utterance-level prediction from gated convolutional neural network (GCNN).

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