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English:Hydraulic Artificial Muscle-Powered Knee Support Wearable Device with Four-bar Linkage Mechanism 
Japanese: KITTISARES Sarin, 難波江 裕之, 遠藤 玄, 鈴森 康一, 櫻井 良, 大野 信吾.  
English: Sarin Kittisares, Hiroyuki Nabae, Gen Endo, Koichi Suzumori, Ryo Sakurai, Shingo Ohno.  
Language English 
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Japanese:ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会2020 予稿集 
English:Proceedings of the 2020 JSME Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics 
Volume, Number, Page        
Published date May 27, 2020 
Japanese:一般社団法人 日本機械学会 
English:The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 
Conference name
English:2020 JSME Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics 
Conference site
Official URL https://robomech.org/2020/
Abstract Hydraulic cylinders have been selected as actuator in earlier exoskeletons due to low weight and high〓force density. In this paper, we propose a knee exoskeleton using Hydraulic Artificial Muscle (HAM) and〓four-bar knee joint mechanism. The HAM has similar advantages to hydraulic cylinders, but lighter and〓compliance, making it suitable for wearable robot applications. To allow the device to better comform〓to human knee kinematics, a four-bar linkage mechanism was utilized. The human knee biomechanics is〓a combination of rolling and sliding on the condyle, which can be emulated using four-bar linkage. To〓adapt the HAM to the link mechanism, we proposed and Angled Bar as a modification to the existing〓mechanism. The Angled Bar adjusts the torque output and motion range of the proposed device.

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