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Shun-ichi Ishiuchi Researcher Information

Family Name 石内  Ishiuchi 
First Name 俊一  Shun-ichi 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Science
ResearcherID F-2843-2015
Specialized Field Others (Physical Chemistry, Molecular structure, Molecular spectroscopy)
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Mathematics, Physics & Planetary Geoscience - Atomic, Molecular & Chemical
Research Theme Molecular spectra 
Degree IR-UV多重共鳴法によるフェノール及びその誘導体の分子内振動緩和とクラスター内反応の研究,  Thesis,  Doctor of Science,  The Graduate University for Advanced Studies,  2001/--/--, 
孤立フェノール及びその重置換体のイオン化検出赤外スペクトル -高振動状態における分子内振動緩和,  Master of Science,  Waseda University,  1998/--/--, 

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