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MASAHIKO YOSHINO Researcher Information

Family Name 吉野  YOSHINO 
First Name 雅彦  MASAHIKO 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering
ResearcherID C-9774-2015
Specialized Field Microdevices/Nanodevices (Nanostructure fabrication, Nano-optical devices, Self-assembly)
Production engineering/Processing studies (Production Engineering/Processing Studies, Nano/Micro machining, Forming process, Cutting/Grinding process)
Materials/Mechanics of materials (Machine Material/Material Mechanics, Material design/Process/Mechanical properties/Evaluation)
Research Theme Nano/Micro fabrication, Hard brittle material, ductile mode machining, engineering surface, Plastic forming, machining, Numerical simulation, FEM 
Degree 熱間塑性加工における材質予測手法に関する基礎的研究,  Thesis,  Doctor (Engineering),  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  1992/--/--, 
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