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Hiro MUNEKATA Researcher Information

Family Name 宗片  MUNEKATA 
First Name 比呂夫  Hiro 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Science
Specialized Field Condensed matter physics I (Physical Properties I)
Applied materials science/Crystal engineering (Condensed matter physics and its application, crystal growth)
Microdevices/Nanodevices (Micro/Nanodevice)
Research Theme An electronic system having itinerant character with moderate carrier concentrations (1015 - 1020 cm-3) is an interesting system in that it allows us to study novel aspects of the interaction between charges and spins, with possible access by light and an 
Degree 非晶質Si(x)C(1-x):Hの光物性とその応用に関する研究,  Thesis,  Doctor of Engineering,  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  1984/03/26,   
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