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TAKASHI OBI Researcher Information

Family Name 小尾  OBI 
First Name 高史  TAKASHI 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology Institute of Innovative Research
Specialized Field Social systems engineering/ Safety system (Social system, SmartCard System)
Communication/Network/engineering (Cryptography/Security, Network for Medical Systems)
Biomedical engineering/Biological material science (Image Processing of Medical Image, Medical Infromatics)
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Information Systems
Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Appl.
Social Science & Humanities - Social Issues
Research Theme My Numbwe Card, Japanese Public Key Infrastructure, JPKI, Public Certification Service for Individuals、ID number for the medical field, On-line helthcare insurance validation check, medical information system, medical image Processing, Positoron emission tomography 
Degree 3次元CTを用いた再構成像の画質改善に関する研究,  Thesis,  Doctor of Engineering,  1996/--/--, 
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