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Tohru Yagi Researcher Information

Family Name 八木  Yagi 
First Name 透  Tohru 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering
Specialized Field Biomedical engineering/Biological material science ("Artificial organs, regenerative medicine", Biomedical control and therapy, Bioinformation and instrumentation)
Others (Vision Science, Biomedical Engineering, Welfare Engineering, Visual Information Processing, System Integration)
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Appl.
Research Theme Biomedical Engineering, Biological Information Processing, Robotics & System Integration, Vision, Neural Interface, Visual Prosthesis, Artificial Vision, Eye-gaze Interface, EEG, Brain Computer Interface, Brain Machine Interface 
Degree A computational study on fixation mechanisms and its application towards machine vision,  Thesis,  Doctor of Engineering,  Nagoya University,  1996/03/--, 
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Personal Homepage URLhttp://www.io.mei.titech.ac.jp/members/yagi/

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