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Hayato Yoshioka Researcher Information

Family Name 吉岡  Yoshioka 
First Name 勇人  Hayato 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology Institute of Innovative Research
ResearcherID E-5079-2014
Specialized Field Others (Production engineering, Ultraprecision machinery system, Precision measurement system)
Production engineering/Processing studies (Workshop Processes and Production Engineering)
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Engineering, Manufacturing
Research Theme Status Monitoring, Ultraprecision Machine Tool, Nano Machining 
Degree Study on Status Monitoring for Ultraprecision Cutting Process,  Thesis,  2002/12/31, 
超精密切削加工の状態モニタリングに関する研究,  Thesis,  Doctor of Engineering,  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  2002/--/--, 
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