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Sangyeop Lee Researcher Information

Family Name 李  Lee 
First Name 尚曄  Sangyeop 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology Institute of Innovative Research
Specialized Field Electron device/Electronic equipment (Microwave/Millimeter wave, Circuit design/Conputer aided circuit design (CAD))
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Electrical & Electronic
Research Theme EM-wave absorber, Reflector, Beyond 5G/6G System Development (Terahertz), THz Circuit Design, Sensors, MEMS, RF CMOS IC design, RF System Design, Antenna/Frequency Selective Surface Design 
Degree 広帯域RF CMOS周波数シンセサイザに関する研究,  Master (Engineering),  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  2010/09/27, 
微細CMOSによるVCOの高性能化に関する研究,  Bachelor (Engineering),  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  2009/03/26, 
Scalable RF CMOS Frequency Synthesizer Design with Injection Locking,  Thesis,  Tokyo Institute of Technology, 
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