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Hiroyuki Hachiya Researcher Information

Family Name 蜂屋  Hachiya 
First Name 弘之  Hiroyuki 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering
ResearcherID O-9698-2015
Specialized Field Medical systems (Medical Systems)
Measurement engineering (Measurement Engineering)
Meteorology/Physical oceanography/Hydrology (Weather/Oceanic Physics/Hydrology)
Research Theme Medical Ultrasound, Ultrasonic Measurement, Underwater Acoustics 
Degree 不均質媒質音響特性測定法の開発とその医学的応用に関する研究,  Thesis,  Tohoku University,  1994/09/07,   Official URL  
音波を用いる海洋計測のための基礎的研究,  Thesis,  Doctor (Engineering),  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  1990/03/25, 
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