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Atsushi Fujii Researcher Information

Family Name 藤井  Fujii 
First Name 敦  Atsushi 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Computing
Specialized Field Media informatics/Database (Media Informatics/Data Base)
Fundamental theory of informatics (Fundamental Informatics)
Intelligent informatics (Intelligent Informatics)
Research Theme Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Speech Language Processing, Artificial Intelligence, Web Mining 
Degree Corpus-Based Word Sense Disambiguation,  Thesis,  Doctor (Engineering),  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  1998/03/26,   
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Personal Homepage URLhttps://www.cl.c.titech.ac.jp/~fujii/
Personal Homepage URL 2https://www.cl.c.titech.ac.jp/~fujii/index-en.html

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