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Masahiro Takinoue Researcher Information

Family Name 瀧ノ上  Takinoue 
First Name 正浩  Masahiro 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Computing
ResearcherID A-1490-2014
Specialized Field Bioinformatics/Life informatics (Artificial life system, DNA computing, Molecular computing, Biosystem information sciences)
Microdevices/Nanodevices (Microelectromechanical systems/Nanoelectromechanical systems (MEMS/NEMS), Microchemical systems, Self-assembly, Microfabrication, Micro biosystems, Micromechanics)
Nanomaterials/Nanobioscience (DNA devices)
Biophysics/Chemical physics (Biophysics, Soft matter physics, Chemical physics, Polymer/Liquid crystal)
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