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Hiroto Tanaka Researcher Information

Family Name 田中  Tanaka 
First Name 博人  Hiroto 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Engineering
Specialized Field Intelligent mechanics/Mechanical systems 
Research Theme 生物規範飛行/遊泳; 羽ばたき飛行ロボット; 微細加工; MEMS 
Degree Function of wing veins on flapping flight of butterfly,  Thesis,  Doctor of Information Science and Technology,  The University of Tokyo,  2008/09/30, 
A study of a butterfly flight by measuring a flight of a tailless ornithopter,  修士(情報理工学),  The University of Tokyo,  2005/03/24, 
Lagrangian numerical analysis of rigid-particle motion in a micro mixer,  Bachelor (Engineering),  The University of Tokyo,  2003/03/27, 
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