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Takaya Matsumoto Researcher Information

Family Name 松本  Matsumoto 
First Name 隆也  Takaya 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Science
ResearcherID AAC-5001-2022
Specialized Field Functional materials chemistry (Functional catalysts, Molecular recognition, Electrochemistry, Film/Assembly)
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Chemistry & Material Science - Chemistry, Multidisciplinary
Chemistry & Material Science - Energy & Fuels
Research Theme Coordination chemistry, Organometallic chemistry, MOF, Catalysis, Thermodynamics and kinetics, C-H Bond activation, Adsorption Separation, Carbon neutrality, Energy transformation, CO2 Capture, Molecular design of functional material monomer 
Degree Transition Metal-Catalyzed Olefin Arylation via C-H Bond Activation of Arenes,  Thesis,  Doctor (Science),  Waseda University,  2002/03/07,   Official URL  
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