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Kenji Suzuki Researcher Information

Family Name 鈴木  Suzuki 
First Name 賢治  Kenji 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology Institute of Innovative Research
ResearcherID A-1284-2007
Specialized Field Medical systems (Medical imaging system〓Laborator e amination s stem〓Medical information system)
Bioinformatics/Life informatics (Biological information〓Biosystem information sciences)
Radiation science (Medical imaging technology)
Intelligent informatics (Learning and knowledge acquisition)
Perception information processing/Intelligent robotics (Pattern recognition〓Image processing〓Computer vision)
Sensitivity informatics/Soft computing (Neural network)
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Artificial Intelligence
Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Information Systems
Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Computer Science, Interdisciplinary Appl.
Biology & Life Science - Radiology, Nuclear Medicine
Research Theme Artificial intelligence, Deep learning, Machine learning, AI-aided system, Computer-aid diagnosis, Medical image analysis, Medical image processing, Data science 
Degree 医用X線像のニューラル画像処理の研究,  Thesis,  Doctor (Engineering), 
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