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JUN KATAOKA Researcher Information

Family Name 片岡  KATAOKA 
First Name 淳  JUN 
Status Resigned or Graduated
Specialized Field Particle/Nuclear/ Cosmic ray/Astro physics (Elementary Particles Physics, Nuclear Physics,Cosmic Ray Physics and Cosmic Physics)
Research Theme Astronomy and astrophysics in general 
Degree X-ray Study of Rapid Variability in TeV Blazars and the Implications on Particle Acceleration in Jets,  Thesis,  Doctor of Science,  The University of Tokyo,  2000/--/--, 
Research Highlight Yoichi Yatsu, JUN KATAOKA, Nobuyuki Kawai. 共食いする「毒蜘蛛」中性子星 — 新種のパルサー発見に、日本の総力を結集 ー. 2012-2013.

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