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T. Nakamura Researcher Information

Family Name 中村  Nakamura 
First Name 隆司  T. 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology School of Science
ResearcherID N-5390-2015
Specialized Field Particle/Nuclear/ Cosmic ray/Astro physics (Elementary Particles Physics, Nuclear Physics,Cosmic Ray Physics and Cosmic Physics)
Research Theme Unstable Nuclei, Neutron-rich Nuclei, Stellar Nuclear Reaction 
Degree Coulomb Excitation of 11Be,  Thesis,  Doctor of Science,  1995/--/--, 
Development of a new projectile-fragment separator,  Master of Science,  1990/--/--, 
Research Highlight Yousuke Kondo, Takashi Nakamura. 原子核からほんの少しあふれた2個の中性子. 2015-2016.

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Personal Homepage URLhttp://be.nucl.ap.titech.ac.jp/~nakamura

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