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OSAMU WATANABE Researcher Information

Family Name 渡辺  WATANABE 
First Name 治  OSAMU 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology
ResearcherID B-9806-2015
Specialized Field Fundamental theory of informatics (Computational complexity theory〓Algorithm theory〓Computational learning theory)
Research Theme Theory of Computing〓Computational Complexity Theory〓Design and Analysis of Algorithm〓Randomized Algorithm 
Degree On the Structure of Intractable Complexity Classes,  Thesis,  Doctor of Engineering,  Tokyo Institute of Technology,  1987/05/31,   
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Personal Homepage URLhttp://www.is.titech.ac.jp/~watanabe/
ELC Project Homepagehttp://www.al.ics.saitama-u.ac.jp/elc/

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