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上野隆史 研究者情報

上野  Ueno 
隆史  Takafumi 
所属組織 東京工業大学 生命理工学院
ResearcherID B-9249-2015
研究ハイライト Takafumi Ueno. Ferritin releases carbon monoxide in regulated therapeutic doses. 2018~2018.

Takafumi Ueno. Nanotubes built from protein crystals: Breakthrough in biomolecular engineering. 2018~2018.

Takafumi Ueno. Nanocages for gold particles: what is happening inside?. 2018~2018.

Takafumi Ueno. In cell molecular sieve from protein crystal. 2018~2018.

Takafumi Ueno. Protein-engineered cages aid studies of cell functions. 2018~2018.

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