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JIATony Z 研究者情報

JIA  Jia 
Tony Z  Tony Z 
所属組織 東京工業大学 地球生命研究所
専門分野 構造生物化学 
検索用研究分野 生物・生命科学 - 生化学、分子生物学
生物・生命科学 - 生物物理学
数学・物理・地球惑星 - 地球科学、総合
研究ハイライト Tony Z Jia. Connecting all phases of biological phase separation to catalyse the next phase of research. 2020~2020.

Tony Z Jia. Scientists Discover New Organic Compounds That Could Have Helped Form the First Cells.. 2020~2020.

Tony Z Jia. Novel methods to use non-biomolecular model systems in origins of life research. 2020~2020.

Tony Z Jia. Small enzyme-mimicking polymers may have helped start life.. 2020~2020.

Tony Z Jia. DNA-peptide interactions create complex behaviours which may have helped shape biology.. 2020~2020.

Tony Z Jia. ELSI Scientists Discover New Chemistry That May Help Explain the Origins of Cellular Life.. 2019~2019.

Tony Z Jia. White Paper on the Future of Life Detection Technologies published by Giri, et al. on ArXiv.. 2018~2018.

Tony Z Jia. Dr. Gillams and Dr. Jia's review article was published: applying ideas in Nanoscience to Origins of Life. 2018~2018.

ELSI Profilehttp://www.elsi.jp/en/members/researchers/tjia
BMSIS Profilehttps://www.bmsis.org/affiliate/tony-z-jia/
Twitter Profilehttps://twitter.com/t_z_jia?lang=en
Google Scholar Profilehttps://scholar.google.com/citations?user=o9KxhswAAAAJ&hl=en

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