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HIROSHI AKATSUKA Researcher Information

Family Name 赤塚  AKATSUKA 
First Name 洋  HIROSHI 
Organization Tokyo Institute of Technology Institute of Innovative Research
ResearcherID G-3776-2014
Specialized Field Plasma science (Plasma Science and Technology)
"Applied physics, general" (Plasma physics, Plasma Electronics)
Nuclear engineering (Nuclear Power Science)
Research Field of Searching for Researchers Mathematics, Physics & Planetary Geoscience - Physics, Fluids & Plasmas
Electrical, Information & Mechanical Engineering - Electrical & Electronic
Mathematics, Physics & Planetary Geoscience - Atomic, Molecular & Chemical
Research Theme Plasma Science and Technology, Plasma Spectroscopy, Atomic and Molecular Processes in Plasmas, Rarefied Gas Dynamics 
Degree Spectroscopic Study on an Arc-heated Magnetically Trapped Expanding Plasma Jet,  Thesis,  Doctor of Engineering,  1995/03/31,   
重水素・ヘリウムの同時照射によるスパッタリング,  Master of Engineering,  1987/--/--, 
Research Highlight HIROSHI AKATSUKA, Shota Nunomura. 発光分光計測法によるプロセスプラズマの 実践的計測の基礎と応用. 2015-2015.
応用物理学会チュートリアル講演を行った。第1部 基礎~「電子温度・密度、ガス温度、ラジカル密度の測

HIROSHI AKATSUKA. Progresses in Experimental Study of N2 Plasma Diagnostics by Optical Emission Spectroscopy. 2012-.
E-mail from the editorial board (Dec. 14, 2015)

Dear Prof. Akatsuka,

We are pleased to inform you ....

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